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Authorized Rethunk Junk Retailer

Authorized Rethunk Junk Retailer We Carry The Whole Rethunk Junk Line! *call to check stock of specific colors from week to week*


Chair (2 Available) $45

Striped Vases

Striped Vases Small: $48 Medium: $58 Large: $68

Nesting Baskets

Nesting Baskets Small ~ $18 Medium ~ $22 Large ~ $30

Antique Map Cabinet

Antique Map Cabinet $465

Antique Rail Cart

Antique Rail Cart $350

Industrial Floating Shelves

Industrial Floating Shelves Small: $40 Medium: $60 Large: $85 (Set of 3 for $170)

Small Rocking Chair

Small Rocking Chair $55

Barn Wood Spring Sign

Barn Wood Spring Sign $38

Fireplace Matle

Fireplace Mantle $300


Chair $40


Shutters $20 Each (Unfinished) $30 Each (Painted/ Stained)


Shutters $20 Each (Unfinished) $30 Each (Painted/ Stained)

Trunk Cabinet Bar

Trunk Cabinet Bar $395

Antique Fire Extinguisher

Antique Fire Extinguisher $300

Bar Cabinet

Vintage Radio Cabinet Turned Modern Bar Cabinet $325

Antique Arcade Coffee Grinder

Antique Arcade Coffee Grinder $195

Aged & Infused Alcohol Infusion Kit

Aged & Infused Alcohol Infusion Kit $25 Navel Gazer, Snowed In, Spike The Punch, Blue Sunday

Vintage Suitcases

Vintage Suitcases Small $25 Large $35

Antique School Desk

Antique School Desk Originally in St. Charles Borromeo $80

Assorted Jars

Assorted Glass Jars Starting at $6.00

Assorted Glass Bottles

Assorted Antique Glass Bottles Starting at $1.00

Wicker Bar Stools

Wicker Bar Stools $42


Check Out Our Man Cave Section!

Welcome Signs

Welcome Signs Can be painted in any color Starting at $42

Enchanted Valley Farm Candles

Enchanted Valley Farm Candles $9 or 3 for $24

Lucky Monkey Candles

Lucky Monkey Candles $18


Many Different Styles & Sizes Of Windows Starting at $10

Assortment Of Mugs

Assortment Of Mugs Starting at $12

Hanging wall self

Multi-use Hanging Storage Component Made From Amo Box Small~ $85 Large~ $110 Can be finished in any color

Herb-o-logy Natural Soap

Herb-o-logy Natural Soap Various Scents $6

Custom Bar

Custom Built Bar Can Be Built To Any Size


Various Sizes & Styles Of Doors

Fun Cards

Fun Greeting Cards $5

Shutters With Hanging Lights

Shutters With Hanging Lights $179 Can purchase in any color

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